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From inventory tracking to order fulfillment, we offer a comprehensive range of services to enable you to optimize your inventory management processes and drive operational efficiency.



Warehouse Service


Inventory Management

An important component of warehouse management. Our Inventory management systems helps warehouses track inventory levels, monitor stock movements, and manage product expiration dates.

Order Management

The order management in warehouse management  typically has 3 functions: order entry system, order inquiry, and order execution.

Shipping and Order Fulfillment

One of the most important components of warehouse management is the shipping and receiving module. This tracks incoming and outgoing shipments, ensuring that orders are fulfilled accurately and on time.

Real-time Inventory

By constantly monitoring stock levels, warehouse managers can ensure that materials are available when they are needed while also avoiding overstocking and the associated costs.

Real-time inventory tracking is essential for effective warehouse management in today's competitive marketplace.

Excise Compliance

Maintaining daily Excise register with accurate physical balances

Preparing monthly Excise reports and forwarding to Excise Department on time.

Maintaining Excise regulatories

Obtaining transport permits

Arrange any kind of manual operation to be done with the approval of excise office

Maintain the inventory balance and physical arrangement as per Excise requirement

Pick Efficiency

Pick efficiency measures the number of items that can be picked per hour. Manage Order accurately to ensure that orders that are filled correctly.

Labour Management

A WMS can examine and monitor numerous performance indicators displayed by warehouse staff. This could be a crucial performance measure, and its implementation could be beneficial for labour management. Additionally, warehouse management adds to staff management by assisting logistics companies in developing incentive systems that emphasize employee productivity and effectively minimize workforce burnout.

Managing Casual Labour arrangements for unloading and for other requirements.

Layout Planning

It is critical for a warehouse to maintain a well-organized layout design. A warehouse management system assists you in perfectly designing the layout of your warehouse. A logical framework incorporated into its system allows effective placement of your inventory within the specified warehouse. Accessibility, demand, and weight are the variables that influence the development of this systematic pattern design.

Isometric illustration concept. Expedition warehouse application delivering goods

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